Endodontic treatment

Endodontic treatment is a set of measures for the elimination of the inflammatory process in the root canal system and one of the most complex and demanding processes in the dental care. Methods of endodontic treatment can save even badly damaged and infected teeth and prevent complications, which lead to the tooth loss and to serious diseases of the soft or solid tissues.

In case of untimely treatment of caries ( the necrotic process is localized in the solid tissues of the tooth, which are the enamel, the dentin, the cement), there is a complication called pulpitis. Pulpitis is an inflammation of the neurovascular bundle, which is localized in the root canal system (the space inside the root). The infection spreads from the solid tissues into the root canal system. Peritonitis develops if the inflammation is NOT eliminated at the stage of pulpitis and bacteria with endotoxins spread beyond the tooth into the surrounding tissues and start the process of their destruction. The goal of dentists who perform endodontic treatment is the elimination of the inflammatory process in the root canal system. Yes! In the root canal system! It is so because the root canal is not a single main canal but a complex branched system with main canal and many lateral canals of different diameters. To ensure the proper further functioning of the tooth, the root must be strong, that is, endodontic treatment has to be very accurate.

When we perform endodontic treatment in our clinic, we adhere to the modern protocols and recommendations to achieve the best result.

To get rid of the inflammatory process in the root canal system (destroy bacteria and endotoxins), we create a space in the root canal (using the endodontic motor, modern rotary Nickel-Titanium instruments ProTaper Universal), in which we inject fluids to clean the root canal system. We form the root canals to have a certain length, which we obtain with the help of an apex locator (a device for measuring the length of the root canal). The purified system is efficiently dried and hermetically sealed using a variety of obturation systems.

Only the most well-formed, purified and sealed root canal system with subsequent adequate restoration is the key to the good functioning of the tooth in the future.


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