Treatment of Caries and its Complications. Gum Disease

Therapy in dentistry is the treatment of caries and its complications and treatment of tissues surrounding the tooth (periodontium). Caries is a multifactor dental disease, which leads to the destruction of the hard tissues of teeth. Now, composite materials and glass ionomer cement are the most frequently used materials to treat caries. In the clinic, we use imported materials from the USA, Germany, Switzerland, Japan and other countries. This enables us to provide patients with long-lasting restorations and high aesthetic result.

When caries is not treated timely, the process of tooth decay continues and infectious agents get into the pulp of the tooth. Pulp is the part of the tooth that contains blood and lymph vessels, and nerve endings. Over time, the body's immune system responds to the pulp damage and a condition called pulpitis develops. Pulpitis is treated by removing the pulp and subsequent filling (obturation) of the root channel (or channels if more than one). In each of the pulpitis treatment stages, it is very important to use high quality instruments, disinfectant solutions and filling materials.

Recently, root canal treatment became a separate therapy discipline called endodontics. This development was caused by the extreme importance of adequate root canal treatment and great technology development. Last but not least, the dental microscope invention has made it possible to improve the work of a dentist in the treatment of root canals.

Currently, many doctors in "LEVІKA" use microscope for root canal treatment. Compliance with the Root canal disinfection protocol is also obligatory. You can learn more about the treatment under the microscope from the relevant website section.

A separate part of the therapeutic dentistry is the treatment of periodontal or periodontology. If you begin to notice blood when you eat or brush your teeth, you should consult a periodontologist. Also, you should worry if you have bad breath or plaque and dental deposits. Unfortunately, the prevalence of various forms of gum disease reaches almost 100% in people over 30. That is why our doctors suggest patients to contact them every 6 months for prevention and scheduled examination. We cannot assure you that you will never have dental and gum disease but with regular visits, appropriate hygiene at home and professional cleaning twice a year, the risk of caries and periodontitis strongly decreases. Experience of many countries of the world is the proof that regular professional hygiene and responsible attitude to health are effective. "LEVIKA" has all the necessary equipment for ultrasonic and other types of professional tooth cleaning. Therefore, nothing will prevent you from getting the service from each doctor of the clinic.

If you already have a gum disease, a paradontologist will provide you with expert dental care. The loss (resorption) of the bone tissue and the formation of pathological periodontal pockets are the most dangerous complications of the gum disease. These conditions are difficult to treat conservatively; therefore, in our clinic we use surgical intervention for their treatment. "LEVIKA" surgeons operate to replace lost tissue and restore the integrity of the connection between tooth and gum. This allows you to save teeth, which several years ago could have only been extracted due to their high degree of mobility.


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