In the dental clinic "LEVIKA", we perform tooth extraction and outpatient surgery of all kinds of complexity, including the extraction of impaction teeth (unerupted or partially erupted teeth), wisdom teeth, perform dental implantation, and bone restoration (osteoplasty).

Most of all questions arise, as a rule, about dental implantation. Dental implantation is an outpatient surgery to install a dental implant in place of a lost tooth. A full examination of the dentofacial system, including imaging, is performed before implantation. Only after examination, it is possible to make conclusions about the possibility of installing implants and to choose the necessary system. In our clinic, we use "Alpha Dent" (Germany) and "Straumann" (Switzerland) dental implants. These manufacturers received a high quality and security ratings in the world and earned the trust of our team.

Dental implantation is performed under local anesthesia and lasts, depending on the number of implants, not more than two hours. Dental implantation has several stages: stage 1 – implant insertion; stage 2 – healing cap installation. This stage occurs on average 6 months after the implantation. Such a break is necessary because the implant has to become fixed in the bone and not to move during further operation. A healing cap has to be installed in order to put a prosthesis on the implant. After the restoration of the gingival area around the healing cap, we move on to further prosthetics. Thanks to the coordinated work of orthopedists and dental technicians, we can achieve the most accurate result in the restoration of teeth on implants. Technically, this work is one of the most difficult, so we are especially proud to provide our patients with the highest quality in this area.


Specialist in surgical dentistry

the Master of restorative dentistry. Dentistry, preparation for prosthetics.